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February 03, 2006


I would love too! I always feel the need to show and tell when I did a good find!

Great finds. That blue and yellow is really special! Actually I don't think I've ever seen a crocheted apron before...

oh-what good finds and so nice they are safe with you! that last one is a killer!

Thrift stores, thrift stores, the siren song calls.....

Oh... I just wrote a post about challenges and projects of this kind on my blog and there is a spot for Monday's, I can't find anything "due" on Monday... so YES I would LOVE to see this happen. I come from a long line of thrifters and would be thrilled to see each others finds. I have even thought of "hiring" someone to check on things for me when I can't get to the thrift shops myself. So, yes, please count me in.

I think I am addicted to thrifting and my sons have been brought up at the car boot sales. I am all for a bit of show (off) and tell!

I also love the last crotchet apron best.

what a great idea! i am itching to get out and have a look around when the weather is nicer. im in love with the tulips, i have to admit it...

I love those aprons! The last one is so very Swedish with the yellow and blue. hehe

Please start a thrifty group!! I love thrift shopping and love even better seeing what other people find. Unless, of course, they found it at my local shops which means I missed it! hahaha

That blue & yellow apron is really pretty - and I don't usually like those shades. I'd play, but Seattle has a dreadful lack of thrift shops, most of the decent ones have turned into "antique" stores and upped their prices accordingly.

How funny, I literally just finished posting my garage sale score (I went to the thrift store after that...uh, 100 bucks later, ahem), then I clicked on your blog. I think it's a really fun idea.

I am in!
ANY excuse to have a reason to thrift (even though it doesn't seem to stop me without one) :)
Let the thrifting begin!!

That´s a fantastic idea! Count me in!

I am SO THERE! Just let me know when it starts.

Great apron finds Kelly! Those crocheted ones are amazing - I don't think I've ever seen one before either. My favorites are the gingham with the embroidery, is that called chicken scratch? I just got a pink gingham tablecloth done in the same way.

i could definitely do the thrifting feature. i think that is a great idea.

Yes, yes YES! I am soooo into it. Let me know when it officially "starts".

Thanks for the inspiration!


oh they are lovely!!!! i go thrifting and rummaging too and this year i am hunting the aprons down too... me and my mom have a slew of really retro frilly ones... and my mom bought a slew for my gramma too... do you use any of them? or just collect?! i only have a couple i actually use (afraid to mess them up)... you have them pinned outside!!! its freezing over here- lol!!!!

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