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January 30, 2006


I never cared for lemon desserts, but Meyer lemons are SO delicious. I used to have a Meyer lemon tree in my backyard.

i love lemon desserts! thanks for the review, i wont bother with the math and work. it really surprised me that she didnt print the recipes for individual cakes as well as the gigantic wedding ones. tisk, tisk. i think i could just eat lemon curd by the spoonfull...is that gross?

Lemon curd...buttercream...lemon syrup....my mouth is watering. Looks delicious, worth the work looking at it from my end.

That is so funny--I was going to do that cake of the month thing, too! Great podners think alike ...

Good for you for making it before the end of the month! Sorry to hear that it was disappointing. I'd probably go for lemon bars, too!

one word: yum.

What a great review! Your plate looks delicious:-) I have been sighing over the recipes in the January Martha Stewart, so now I know where to go to find out if it's worth all the work to make them. Thanks for all YOUR hard work!

a nice raspberry syrup would be better than buttercream frosting.

mmm...lemony goodness! i like KiWi's suggestion of raspberry syrup.

btw, i'm a schmuck and never let you know how dang cute 'pick a posey' is! it is adorable--so soft, sweet and expertly stitched :)

hugs! ani

I like this idea of baking the cake of the month each month - sort of a Julie and Julia thing, but much less intense. I love to bake cakes and decorate them, too, so I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!

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