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January 06, 2006


Wow! You always find the best books. Thanks so much for sharing so many pics. I'm really loving that bag in the third photo from the Handmade cafe book.

BTW the felt book is called "Felt no komono" which means small felt objects.

Wow! Lucky girl!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely new books, my eyes are doing the happy dance, my pocket not so much... :-)

I think my favourite is the last one, love those cup warmers on the cover.

I can't wait to see what you make out of them all.

Well, I guess that's my birthday and christmas presents sorted for the next year! Want, want,want!

oh so good-thanks so much for the photos!! and too funny, I was staring at the enlarged photo of the chicken bag for so long before I finally scrolled down and saw you mention me! ha!

Wow, those are great! I'm going to have to get myself to a city with a Kinokuniya! I'm putting a few on my yesasia wish list, thanks for posting them.

I must add these to my very long list...

It's too much for me ! I can't stand it ! It's too hard !!!! How could I resist ???!!!!!! After all, thanks !!

awesome finds! Thanks for sharing the ISBN!

Oooooh - the last one on working with felt is tempting. Thank you. Not that I need any tempting.

Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I was going to mention a few favorites, but I kept forgetting them and liking new pictures as I scrolled through. :)

WOW!!! I love it. Thanks so much for posting books and ISBN. I have been able to order books from AmazonJP because of you! Hey, now that I think of it... maybe that is why the kitchen isn't finished?! hehe Thanks again:)

Wow - you certainly scored there!

Am so jealous - we just need these to catch on in the UK now.

How funny--I just received Nuigurumi Style (I ordered it through Amazon Japan); it's my first Japanese craft book, and I. love. it. Your reviews are right on! Those cats from tar-tan are my favorites, too...

merry christmas to kelly! thanks so much for sharing so many photos! i already have ideas burning in my head!

wow. So cool. I need that book that has the cute little stuffie patterns. So cute, it seems everyone has it, and here in Michigan we have no culture. No cool things like that, must travel for them! I am happy for you, lots of inspiring things!

Wow - what a haul! I'm coveting that crochet book! Might. Not. Be. Able. To. Resist...

Wow! I can see more crafty goodness in this one entry than at my own local bookshop! Looks like you hit the jackpot. I really like the crochet capelet on the cover of that book. Maybe I'll learn to crochet yet!

Argh! I love that handbaskety looking bag from Handmade Cafe! Hope you had a good visit and I hope your grandad is coming along on the mend.

Drool! I love Japanese Craft Books! Thanks for taking the time to share all those pictures!

Hi there,

I am looking for the craft books are published in Korea, Hong kong or Taiwan. They also share a lot of idea just like theJapanese craft books. Can someone give me any information how and where I could orde them, Thanks.

Thanks so much for the scans and ISBNs! Has anyone had problems with customs and duty charges when ordering from www.amazon.co.jp? I want to order about 10 books, but I'm not sure if US customs will hit me with a huge bill. Hugs, Lyn

Hi ,I love Japanese Craft books too, and I bought a lot from Amazon.co.jp
however I couldn't get the Crochet book (ISBN 4277171818 ) They are out of stock now!! I am so disappointed!

.....wow! ...the designs are gorgeous....i like the designs.....great!!

.....wow! ...the designs are gorgeous....i like the designs.....great!!

These are the prettiest bags/purses I have ever seen. Is there anyway I can buy any of the books/patterns? Thanks for sharing.. Phyllis D. Jackson

I am a retired nurse manager(1997) who still works parttime. Been married 47yrs(yea). 2 grown children. 3 not grown grandchildren. I have sen all my life. Made all our clothes for the family and the house. I now make purses and sell them occasionally. Sewing makes me sane. I frogot to tell you I'm a psychiatric nurse. So being sane is important. Phyllis

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