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December 15, 2005


I love that village street !!! and I agree what a perfect decoration!

I'm impatient to see what you've done because Typepad is still sick so I can't see your pictures ;o( !!! Hugs

Waouw I can see them now !! It's amazing ! I love these paper ideas ! Too funny ! Big hugs to you !

what great links! My daughter is so into paper crafts this year. she will love these! thanks for sharing!!

luv that card from papersource. wonder if they make one that isn't holiday inspired. that is cute :)

and let me warn ya...once you play around with paper, you will become hooked (take it from someone who has more paper at home then anyone should have :)

yes, these are fun! found folding paper toys at

gotta love the source! thanks for the awesome links!

I love paper! Thanks for those links! I definitely want to try the ones that move!

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