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December 07, 2005


i love all of these links and toys!! thank you for sharing.

Great stuff, i wish i had more money to spend! I love the chair.

I love that dolls house, we got Audrey something similar for her 2nd birthday. Thanks for all the great links, I'm going to hide my credit card now! ;)

Great links! I love the Plan City toys as well, and got Max a great Ferry boat while away - we have such a limited range here in Australia. The dolls house is beautiful - I know I'd like one of them :) And those toy cars....Just as well max has a birthday coming up is all I can say!

What great links! I don't even have anyone of that age to buy for, but remember trying to track down similar items years ago when the selection was woefully thin. I still love looking at well designed toys!

awesome links! i cant wait until collette is old enough for that dollhouse. maybe by that time we will have enough space to have one. thanks so much for such great ideas. im pretty much done with christmas but eliots birthday is at the end of january. he will definitely be getting and automoblox, and he will definitely go crazy about it!

love that dollhouse -- i think my daughter will be old enough for it by summer. for Christmas we're starting with one room -- the plan city living room set that i'm going to put in a wooden crate (kind of like a diorama) and some bendy folk that i'm working on.

love that wooden tea set! i'm trying to limit myself with the gifts, but that one really looks like a winner....
and the automoblox cars are just so cool.

Looks like we'll both be having fun with our little ones and the dollhouses! Long live the world of miniature!
I have the Lane Smith book too--there is a lot of Mary Blair references by him in that one as you may have noticed.
Brynne looks like she made out like a bandit this year!

i love that funky chair! too bad i'm already tapped out for presents for Ruby. but as her birthday is in March, that gives me some good ideas.

You'll have so much fun on Christmas morning! We have some similar items under our tree this year, including not one but TWO bilibos (one for each)--I was completely sold by the open-ended play argument they made on their website. I hope I can fit in the thing--it looks like fun!

those bilibo chairs look cool. We have a whole plan city and brio train set. It is such good quality and funky and hey we have to play with the kids all day!

My son would have adored those cars when he was a little kid. I'm tempted to buy some and put them away for future use.

My son would have adored those cars when he was a little kid. I'm tempted to buy some and put them away for future use.

I was just wandering and happened across your blog... I have an idea for your tea set dilema... I had a couple tea sets when I was young and there were always the nice ones that were for special occasions and inside use and the ones for outside and for dirt and mud tea... it's something to think about.

those little seats look so, so funky!

for some reason i could not leave a comment on the exact post, but here's the link to the new magazine - cutting edge!



p.s. i found this thru craftster.org - this magazine is wonderful!

many thanks!!!

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