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November 15, 2005


let me be the first to say that i am so glad you have her home safely!!! what a dear she is!! please keep us updated on how she is doing!

Poor Issey! I'm glad she's home safe and hope she heals quickly.

poor baby kitty, i hope she finds a spot to rest and avoid brynne for now. glad you had fun in san diego. we learned a long time ago to basically carry extra meals with us for the kids, so they could eat anyway while we waited for the "adult" dinner time. makes everyone happy, and if you are really hungry, snag a piece of their dinner too...

Aww, I'm so sorry! She looks so sweet:) When she starts to heal, it'll be fun to watch her bonk into things. Well, at least I thought it was funny to watch MY chewie bonk into things, and I gave him lots of treats to make up for my giggling.

Oh, I hope your kitty will be alright!
I totally understand about schedules, if we stray from Caleb's one tiny bit, we are miserable for a LONG time...

I hope your kitty heals soon.
The time thing reminds me of my in-laws, two people who had kids, yet totally forgot what it is like. Dinner at 9 p.m., etc. UGH!

Poor kitty! Those silly collars make them even more irresistible, too. I always found travelling with my kid (and others) to be really stressful, even if the folks I was visiting did stick to the schedule.

I really hope your kitty gets better soon! my guinea pig doesn't seem well today, I hate it when pets get poorly it's horrid.

that is what neo had! a solid mass tumor. it was benign once they did the biopsy. they gave neo dissolving stitches, and it has been almost a three weeks and he still has some of them, but the wound is healing pretty well. i hope your little kitty gets better soon!

oh, and poor brynne! that is pretty inconsiderate, but maybe they don't realize it...if it were me i would say something...

sending lots of love & healing thoughts.

I'm sorry to hear about Issey's health problems, I hope everything turns out well - I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

poor thing! poor you guys! hoping for fast, easy healing. and a gentle little friend. i know how that is, my daughter can get pretty rough with ours, too.

Get well soon, Issey!!!!

Poor kitty! I hope she feels better soon.

ohh..hope issey gets well soon

Loving thoughts to Issey for a quick recovery and Brynn's understanding!

Poor kitty! I hope she gets better soon and that the biopsy results are negative!

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