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November 02, 2005


so, sew, wondeful...

so, sew, wonderful...

so adorable! what a fantastic idea! I love the robot theme.

I made my little guy a crayon tote using that same robot fabric a couple of weeks ago! I love that fabric! What a great choice. Your backtack partner is lucky!

What a lucky boy! The theme is so cool and so wonderfully made. I love the style, the fabric, the combinations. And I can't resist mentioning that the Stockmar crayons are the absolute favourite here, too :D

this is all just so amazing! what a fabulous project and collaboration this is!!! That smock is just perfect...

It's all so cute! I'm the most struck by the simplicity of the reverse side of the quilt. I think it's the gear with "create" on it that I'm drawn to.

WOW!!! my daughter Ruby is totally fascinated with robots.

thanks for sharing your work. i always look forward to seeing what new wonderful creations you've made.

who doesnt love robots?? nice work kelly on all the lovely details. your free motion quilting is so cool! of course the smock is just awesome.

I love the robot theme, and I especially love the crayon pouch with the little wrench!

A little boy's dream, how adorable !

what a great idea! and such gorgeous work. any little boy would be inspired, i sure am.

Wow!! All of it is so amazing. I love the robot theme and the way you put it all together. I'm sure Max is going to love all of it!

Amazing! I'm speechless...

my little boy would love all of it. I like the robot theme and it's a great pattern from your Japanese craft book.

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