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October 05, 2005


Very cute project, Kelly, and more comfortable for Brynne to carry than many of the popular alternatives. You're making me nostalgic. I should get a scanner so I could regale you with my past Halloween projects...starring KKBB. ;-) That would be entertaining for the knitbloggers, don't you think?

Wonderful trick or treat bag for Brynne! Sorry to hear about your hook woes.

Very cute! I'm sure she LOVES it.

So cute! I love the open, spooky little mouth. Brynne is going to have fun with that bag!

that bag is perfect! and make sure you pack it away when she is too old to go trick or treating so her kids can have cool vintage swag! sorry about the seams, they should make crochet hooks out of bamboo like knitting needles, so smooth!

It's brilliant. I can just imagine it packed with treats and am sure it will be clutched very carefully by its owner.

What a cute trick-or-treat bag! Very, very nice!

cute! and there's nothing like a crafting injury, huh?

VERY nice! I bet Brynne loves it. I would say it's too nice to put candy in, but you know how I feel about candy.

That is sooooo cute! Yeah I think fuzzy yarn is kinda hard to work with.

WOW! your bag is brilliant!! very cool indeed!

that is too cute! I must get some of that fabric for my wedding quilt...

Hello Kelly,
I invite you to make me a visit at my Blog "Leaves of Grass". Thank you. Regards from Sonia, Brazil.

Such a cute bag! Brynne will have so much fun trick-or-treating with it and have a wonderful keepsake to pull out every year!

I love it, what fun. : )

That's so cool! Lucky girl for getting that!

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