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October 10, 2005


21 days!!! yipes, i need to get down to the bat cave and come up with two toddler sized costumes, and fast, pow! love, love, LOVE the shot of brynne in the pumpkin patch! blow that one up and send it to everyone you know. i mean it!

Wow! You're having the Halloween I wish we were having. Fun!

Ack! I love that little countdown Count! Too cute. I love this time of year - one of my most favorite too. :)

i love that shot of all the pumpkins

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, so it's really interesting to see the kind of things you guys do. Love that picture of Brynne with the pumpkins, too!

Aww, i want to come and visit your house for Halloween. We don't celebrate it here (Australia) or back home in the UK the way you guys do. I LOVE that photo of the pumpkins, it's fabulous.

Alas, as people have said, here in the UK we don't really celebrate halloween compared to you!

great images!! what i'm up to ... well, i just made chicken soup for the first time. sugar cookies have been made. walking in the drizzle. waking up early. unpacking winter clothes. hmmmm. i guess that is about it. thanks for the Fall injection! mav

I am very, very far behind on Halloween crafting this year. I had a Halloween wedding so it is a very busy time of year and I try to go all out with my decorating. we had a flood in the basement last year and a lot of my things were ruined so I am trying to rebuild my Halloween stash...

wow, what a great picture in the pumpkin patch! i know what you mean about there only being 21 days left, i am going to have a halloween party and i planning on starting the decorating this weekend...

i love halloween.
i love pumpkin pie too.
we eat a lot of it here.
all homemade,

Ooh, I wish I had Wonkavision and could pluck that cupcake right from my computer screen! Yum! Great pumpkin patch picture too :D

I love this stuff too, Im obsessed with gothic rag dolls :)


If its not too much to ask, who's the little girl in the pumpkin patch photo?
mostly im asking cause i grew up in Santa Paula, i used to look and dress just like that, we went to Faulkner Farm all the time and my mom was a photographer.
Ive just got this spooky inclination that it might be me? (if that doesn't seem strange to you)

Hi Rreck, That photo is my daughter and was taken by me when the post was written - in 2005.

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