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October 21, 2005


Thanks for all the lovely links! That stuffed mummy is disturbingly cute. And the Sugar Lily cards are gorgeous... I can feel some online shopping coming on.

Hi Kelly! Your Halloween inspiration is nice!
For my mei tai, I've designed it myself, using different patterns and instructions found on Soule Mama's blog. (link on my blog). It is quite sturdy, I think, and would probably work well for a child as BenoƮt (around 15 kilos), but it's hard for me to test it right now. I'm not sure it will be ideal for a new born. I will test it in a feew weeks!
Anyway, I stay convinced that the most confortable way to carry children is the simple carrying scarf (4,5 m. long at least).
I will try to translate in english my mei-tai post soon. Thanks for the nice comment.

Great links, as always! I love your good internet finds.

I just went and bought myself one of those felt pendants, I got a skull one for Day of the Dead which I also love to celebrate (meant to comment on your other two posts about that)! Last year I had some of my friends over for a crafts party in October and we decorated skulls and I told them all about the history of it and everything. Lots of fun and I can't think of a better way to happily remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

Thanks for all of the links! I love "cuddly rigor mortis" for the name alone, the fact that they're so cute is just a bonus! I lucked out - I did get a sewing stars pumpkin in my Sampler.

what great things!!

What great links - I love teh stuffed mummy!

i never knew i wanted a stuffed mummy until now! thanks for the links. have you divulged what brynne is going to be yet? we can get serious on halloween if i can remember where in the world i stashed the carving kit i got on clearance last year...

love, love the mummy and those pendants! thanks for the links.

Thanks for all the cool links and great finds!

BTW i tagged you ;)

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