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October 11, 2005


i love the graininess of them, and the upside down one is my favorite. what an amazing idea!

what fun for Brynne (and you)!

awesome! i was just thinking the other day that i would get eliot a cheapo digital camera for christmas, but i dont think i can beat 25 cents!

oh man, i *love* the graininess, too!!! these look very, very cool!!

They are truly "arty" photos. I wish I could take uncontrolled photos like that.

these are great photos! I love the gainy look and your lovely daughter as well. . ;)

Who'd'a thunk it? Digital cameras as toys for little ones? But the photos are great--a chance to see through her eyes, huh? I remember a friend telling me once about letting their kid roam free with a digital camera--they got about 50 shots of different cartoons on the TV.

They are so vintage and lovely. And that smile is to-die!

I wanna run out and let Max loose with a camera - these are great and what a fabulous idea getting an old second hand cheap camera!!

What a wonderful series of photographs. I've been meaning to get Mia a camera so she can do something like this, i just haven't been anywhee to find one, yet.


So cool! Brynne is a great photographer. I love her self portraits.

Now you know what she is going to be when she grows up.

Thanks for the comment about quince - the trees are getting quite rare here and the fruit is hardly ever available in the shops. It actaully needs cooking which is probably what puts off this nation of eaters of ready-cooked/prepared meals.

Glad you like the quilt. It's getting lots of use.

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