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September 21, 2005


i love thhat picture!
i just love it, she looks very pleased.
so glad.

Max went through and drew a third blue leg on all the figures when he got his. I hope Brynne enjoys her book :)

I wouldn't mind one of those - that's about my level of drawing and colouring in.

Thanks for the comment about the PhD decision. Yours was an amazing story - thanks so much for sharing.

So adorable!!

I didn't know the second printing was available yet--I'm headed right over now to order some for our house too--they're so cute!

how cute!!! where did you get the mardi gras cup in the background? i think we have some of those at home granted its mardi gras central down here :)

yes, most definitely it counts in the cute-off! cant wait to see pics of your progress.

I love the way kids lie down to colour in. Great colouring in book.

cute pic, cute daughter, cute drawings. hurray creativity!

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