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August 16, 2005


I, for one, would love to see before and after pictures. There's nothing quite like the vicarious pleasure of someone else's fix-it project! We just have a gravel drive which we recently augmented. Talk about dusty and dirty. Oh, guess I should introduce myself as this is my first comment - I've read for awhile but haven't had anything very scintillating to add to the discussion. I live in Bend, Oregon and have 3 yo and 9 month old sons whom I love to craft for - though the results are spotty at best. Glad you and the hubby got a chance to do some exploring on your own. It's nice to remember that your partner is someone you really like spending time with, isn't it?


Oh, those bird buttons are to die for! They would look so sweet on a little dress!

I, too, would love to see before, during & after pics. I'm always fascinated by the "process". Next year we'll be adding a garage to our land (which has no parking). It'll have to be cut in to the side of the hill next to our home. I envision some cool San Fransisco-style thing but don't know how the neighbors will take it!

Glad you had fun out there! I would like to go out to Santa Cruz Island one of these days. I think we told you that we went to Anacapa once, and I threw up off the side of the boat after we snorkeled (there's something so wrong about floating in freezing cold water with only some rubber to protect you). Actually, snorkeling usually makes me seasick. BUT ANYWAY, I am so glad you guys had a nice weekend, and those birdie buttons are fabuloso!

I too was completely amazed at Santa Cruz Island- One of the best places I have ever visited. You said that you went to Rose Bowl Swapmeet, I live in Pasadena... do you ever go to the PCC swapmeet? I have just become a regular there, it is the first Sunday of each month and it is free. I have found a vender that sells vintage table cloths and hankies and aprons REALLY cheap ( shhh ).

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