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July 28, 2005


first off, big pat on the back to you girl!

that is so awesome and so inspiring (i too don't understand the whole running thing...lol).

so since i don't run, the only advice that i could give is maybe you could take a map of your town, state, etc. and pick a location that you would like to visit. see how many miles it is from your house and run to it. i don't mean literally, but if you pick some place that is 30 miles away, then once you run 30 miles, maybe you could get yourself a treat that has to do with that town.

like lets say i wanted to visit new orleans (even though i've been there) and its 110 miles from my house. every morning i would run however many miles time allotted and after a few weeks (lets pretend), i've run a grand total of 110 miles, i may buy myself a cajun style cookbook, or treat myself to some beignets.

i hope that all makes sense. again, congrats on meeting that goal.

Congratulations! That's a big deal!

I have been struggling to find the time to "officially" exercise with a toddler around. My daughter is up when I get up (early), so what's been sort of working for me is to make one of our walks (usually in the morning) "my walk". I carry her in a carrier (she's 19 months old, and most people around here think it's pretty crazy, but whatever), and try to walk at a good pace. I used to do about 7 or 8 miles a day, and now I'm guessing it's about half of that, but I give myself points for carrying the baby! :) I set distance goals, and try to check out new neighborhoods or communities in the process. And sometimes I get myself a small treat from a new place if I've met my distance goal. Does that make sense? It seems to be working, just slowly. I stay off the scale, though, and just go by my clothes. The muscle weight thing can be discouraging...

Anyway, this probably wasn't too helpful. But it sounds like you're doing well. Thanks for the post, and congratulations again!

Kelly, no advise for keeping the momentum going, but lots of, "way to go!" "woohoo!" "you go girl!" "that's great!" sentiments!! I think that is so terrific that you set this goal, and one that doesn't come easily, and you accomplished it! I've never been much into athletics - obviously, I enjoy sewing and the computer more, so I really admire you for this! You're an inspiration!! ☺☺☺

Congratulations! I remember the first time I ran for 4k non-stop! I kept a smile on my face for the rest of the week! I, like you, was never encouraged to run and the simple thought of running still drives me crasy! A few months ago however I set myself to running every other day and do statical bycicle the other days. It worked out for 3 months but then I stopped. Do you know why? Because my goal was to lose weight and I ended up not loosing as much weight as I thought I would (I still believe in miracles somewhat...) and sleep took over me in the mornings! Anyway, for other reasons I am now trying to set myself for a amrathon next year and plan to start practising now, a year before.http://www.nike.com/nikerunning/index.jhtml is a good place to start, I love the site! It gives you great guidance lines! Good luck I'll be here on the same road as you only a different country!

Wow, Kelly....that's so amazing of you! I hope you take a second today to really give yourself a big pat on the back and be proud of what you've done so far. Keep it up if it's feeling good for your mind and body!!

Yay for you! I, too, dislike running, and would rather have my nose in a book. However, after we moved last year and I had baby #2, the gym and the cheap babysitting became my sanity. An entire hour with no one grabbing my legs and screaming "mama" - I would do anything! Even exercise! Anyway, I think the idea of rewarding yourself is a great one. I love the idea about picking a spot on the map. Or you could just do a reward for a number of days you stick to it, or something. Great job!

First: congrats, congrats, congrats! Running isn't easy, especially if you're new to it. It takes lots of energy and dedication, so well done for reaching this goal. I'm a "new" runner as well, and have been in the "starting to run" stage for a few years now. I know how hard keeping on track can be.

My number one recommendation to you is to pat yourself on the back, and acknowledge that you're a runner now. Just like how you might say "I knit!” you can now say "I run! I'm a runner!” Then keep setting new goals, and work towards achieving them the same way you might approach, say, making a sweater, or reading a book. Sound cheezy? I'm confident you can keep it up.

way to go kelly! that is so awesome that you reached your goal. i like the idea of keeping a log of your mileage and rewarding yourself at certain points. that way even though you dont have time to increase your actual running time, you can still reach a goal. you are awesome!

Congrats! My suggestion is to sign up for a local 5K. This will get you training for your new goal. Good luck!

Self-centered post? Don't worry, isn't this your blog afterall?! CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal!
My friend wrote a book on running for beginners and I had a copy of it around here somewhere--I'll try and find it for you.

wow-what a great post!and I agree with snowbear, self-centered?? blogs are for us to wrtie about ourselves! PLEASE be self-centerd, that's why we all read it!

I wish I could give halpful tips, but I'm not runner (ha-ha). cograts and thanks for sharing so much!

Congrats!!! That is such a great accomplishment. I think you could sign up for a 5k and don't think of competing with other runners, just yourself...just like the challange you gave yourself to get up 3 days a week. You have done so much already just by doing that, you should be very proud.

Elizabeth's idea sounds great! i used to run (sigh) but my foot is giving me trouble. i was the same as you, totally non-athletic, hated to run. after i started doing longer distance running, i found myself becoming addicted to it. i hope you start to find some joy in it.

i really just wanted to say congrats! and no, it's not selfish to write about this sort of thing. we all tune in because we want to hear what you are doing!

Congratulations! I, like you, am a reader and not an exerciser. Running, in particular, always makes me feel awful. Maybe the people that do it become addicted to the feeling they get afterwards? I couldn't say. I think the fact that you've managed to work up to your goal is fantastic.

Congratulations! That is really great! A couple options for you: get a jogging stroller and push Brynne around in it! Another thing is to find a jogging buddy. If you know someone is counting on you to be there to run, you probably won't flake. There is a big running club in Santa Barbara, and I am sure there are some clubs in Ventura, too. That would be a good place to check. Also, signing up for some local 5k races might be good motivators for you. You don't have to RACE them or anything, but they do serve as good goals, and they can be fun family events. Oh, and a final option is to get a DOG. I am forced to take my dog out every morning, so it gets me out the door.
By the way, we are probably going to be down there in a couple weeks. Wanna go to the fabric store in Oxnard?

No suggestions, only BIG CONGRATS for reaching your goals! So happy for you!!! I just returned to my exercise regime after six weeks post partum -- I am SORE today. But I feel good! :)

Thank you for sharing your story. I really love the way you wrote about it at the end of the training and the beginning of "the race". Whether it is a competition 5K or a very private 5K, the battle has been won! You are a great inspiration! I get the feeling you will find your motivation to keep going in the memory of how good it felt to reach your goal! Congratulations!

i bow to your mad mad running skilz! i have a friend at work who did that program, and she's kept it up for almost eight or nine months now. in fact, i think she's chosen one of their other programs to tackle next.

(and it's your blog, it's SUPPOSED to be about you!)

congratulations, kelly--i have been an athlete my whole life and it STILL isn't easy to stay motivated and working hard at what i do. in fact, the older i get, the harder it is. do it in moderation and listen to your body. you have made a huge accomplishment--you should feel very proud! good luck! Lisa

Wow! Kelly that is so awesome! Congratulations!!!!

I don't have any advice on how to stay motivated to keep running per say, but how about a craft related running motivation? What if you made a quilt that featured running shoes or something running related in the blocks and you complete a block every time you achieve a certain mileage or #-of-days-you've-been-running goal. Then when the quilt was completed it would be a momento of your achieving your running goals?

OMG, I have Osgood Slaughters too and know one ever knows what it is! I feel connected to you in a weird, slighty lumpy way. SP

:) Big grin and congratulations on setting, and achieving a goal, which is hard with little ones around. My suggestion echoe's someone elses - find some local fun runs, charity runs etc and sign up for them - it will give you the goal, momentum, and direction for continuing. And good luck!

Hello, I found your blog via Wee Wonderfuls via Loobylu, anyway, I love the crafty tips I pick up from your blog! I recently started running after months of walk/running and have to recommend mixing sprints into the running workout. It burns calories fast. If it's weight loss your aiming for then the 90/10 diet book deserves a glance; it's all about portion control, decreasing your daily calories,
and having your dessert too.

Hey, congrats and thanks for sharing.

what a great thing! you should be very proud of yourself.

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