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July 27, 2005


yeah, Brynne! I was just coming over to wish her a speedy recovery and add "oh, is that what my boy's problem is lately?"
And the outfit is tres chic!

great job on the dress! it is super cute and so is your model ;)

I am sorry I have been neglecting you, but truthfully I am completely intimidated by the fantastic mail and gifts you seem to get everyday. I have spent weeks trying to think of something to compare and have finally just settled for something from your Amazon wishlist. I forgot to enclose a message, but I hope you enjoy everything!!
Your Secret Pal

soooo cute kelly. bravo

Not pretty cute, she looks very cute!

This is so cute!! The colors are fantastic--nice work, Kelly!

So glad it is all better now! I love the dress!

Very, very cute !

It looks so great! And Brynne always makes the best model. :)

what an awesome dress, and i am loving the pig-tails. glad brynne is feeling better! could you stabilize the inside with some ribbon? like interior suspenders?

Adorable child! Love the dress. Stretching just means it will fit her longer. She'll be wearing it to school! Well, that was my mother's take on clothes.

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