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July 13, 2005


kelly you must be crocheting with the devil, how else could you make such a cute cupcake purse?? great, now im hungry...

you bet I'll be around for the next 100! Congrats :)

And those cupcakes are *darling*! YUM!

They look good enough to eat!

Kelly, I had a cupcake tower for my wedding cake! Yum. Those purses look good enough to nibble.:)

Your bags are fantastic, I love them !

Oh my....what a delightful post! YUMMY!!!!

And congrats on your 100 mark! Woohoo!

those are two cute! what a way to celebrate. I can't wait for the next 100!

i love the cupcake purses!
check out my cupcakes ;)
and congrats on 100!!!!!!!!

those cupcake purses are adorable! now i wish it wasn't so hot outside so i bake up a batch. ever since i saw this cover for gourmet (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/photo/109045) i've been taken with the lil' cupcake.

congrats on 100! i'll be enjoying your posts as long as you are posting!

Really enjoy your blog - just found you thanks to little birds. LOVE, LOVE the cupcake bags!! Are you going to put them on Etsy???

Happy 100th!
Nice cupcakes!!

Happy 100th Kelly! I am totally in love with your cupcake purses. And I'm totally hungry now thanks to all of the other images. Yummy.

Happy 100th! Loving the cupcake bags... they're so beautiful and fun!

I love these purses, they are so cute. Did you make up the pattern? Would you be willing to share? I could see making these for daughters and neices, how sweet. You are so creative.

happy 100th!

i am in luv with those cupcake purses. are you going to sell em? bella would luv one.

and thanks for finding my cupcakes drool worthy :)

those cupcake purses are honestly the best things i've seen in a while. are you selling those?!

Thanks for linking to our blog and I love the cupcake crochet purses.

i want one of those purses!

How absolutely ADORABLE!!! I wish I had the pattern to make one for my daughter! :)

Adorable. Do you sell these? You should send a pic to the cupcakes blog


I love the cupcake purse. Could you please share the pattern?

I want one!

hi i love it can i get the pattern
thank you so much

Cutest things I have ever seen!! Can I get a pattern??

I luv your cup cake purse!! Is it possible to share the pattern?

Thank you!!

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