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June 07, 2005


i love it when all of the items are coordinating! i was just writing today baout how addictive swapping is... how funny.

oh, swapping. its been a while for me, im looking forward to getting some backtack goodies...and any other goodies that happen to come my way!

It was so much fun putting together for you--so glad you're pleased! Treats in the mail rock my world. ;)

I'm so happy you were pleased! I had fun putting it together. Anytime you are ready to part with another book from your amazing collection, let me know, I'm your girl!

girl, you have been so lucky lately!!! i'm jealous!

i too have been bitten by the swap bug (as i turn to look at the three pkgs. sitting on my dining room table that are going out in the mail tomorrow).

i luv it and have received BEAUTIFUL things in the mail also.

isn't the crafty community just great?


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