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June 14, 2005



mortgages...so stupid. crafting is so much better! love the kid shot, are brynne's eyes grey-blue? how awesome!

This month has gone by so fast. I just started on my back tack project yesterday. Time flies.

She is too freakin' cute!

And I'm feeling EXACTLY as you this month--way too much I WANT to do, and not nearly enough time. Back Tack has me stumped right now. Argh! Good luck getting it all together--let's hope a few more days appear in the month somehow. ;)

Yes, feeling slightly intimidated sewing-skills wise. Best to keep off the internet until it's all done. So why am I here?? Because I need to know I am not the only paranoid one!
Your finished mosaic is brilliant - you must be so pleased. Where does it go now?

I have stopped by your blog many times and I didn't realize you were a central coaster until i read about the quilt shop tour. I wish I would have know about it sooner. I would have loved to visit them all. Its nice to know you have some crafty "neighbors." I am in the middle of ventura and paso:)

Btw I love you blog, and I can't wait to see your backtack project.

lots of projects going on - i know how you feel. lots of fabulous goodies you have made and received - i can't wait to see the final back tacks projects and can you believe how fantastic wee wonderfuls apron is?

Hi Secret Pal-
I have never had a secret pal that is a crocheter! I am getting together a box of goodies to send your way!
Nice kid photo, by the way.

I love her name~We are having a baby girl in September and Bryn will be her middle name. What is your daughter's middle name?

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