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June 13, 2005


I love that mosaic. Sooo beautiful!


Wow! Your mosaic is completely lovely! I've wanted to do that for years but have never found the right moment... how cool that you can take a class!

your mosaic is so cool! i think the letters turned out spectacular, and i love that you wanted bubble gum pink glass. too cool. i wonder how much it costs to rent one of those jumper things, because it would be a surefire way to keep eliot busy for a solid hour! brynne loves it! very scrumptious package of goodies indeed!

Lovely mosaic. Have you seen Kaffe Fassett's mosaic book? It is quite an inspiration, for any type of multicolored craft.
And I totally agree with your statement re: contrast and value. Highly underrated but, in my opinion, usually the determining factor in most successful multicolor pieces.

Your mosaic is just lovely! I was thinking of that the other day, and wondering how your class was going. I'm sure it will be so beautiful hung in your home! Do you think you'll do more?

Beautiful mosaic! I love the pinks.

oooooh, your mosiac is gorgeous! i luv the color combination and you can so tell that some of the glass is irredescent! great job!!

great mail day too! that magazine, is it locally (from the sender) type of magazine? i've never heard of it before and from what i can see it looks very real simple/martha stewart (which is right up my alley ;)

Gosh your mosiac is beautiful! i always wanted to make one too! i love your stuffed peach too that is the cutest thing i've ever seen, wanna swap? i have some vintage buttons, lace, trim, fabric and or knitting needles, let me know!

The mosaic is beautiful!

That is a beautiful mosaic! I do know what you mean about finishing and feeling like there should be more contrast but I think yours is just right-the iridescence of the pink has yellow in it that may make for less contrast but it also has the colors playing off one another. It's really fabulous. Bubblegum pink is a tough color. Try mosaicsmalti.com-though the only glass they have is tiles but the pink smalti is beautiful and you have lots of pinks to choose from. Again, I just love this...one of those pieces I see that gives me ideas and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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