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May 09, 2005


Very nice bananas!

Cuuute! Your party is going to be awesome!

The bananas (and monkey) turned out great! What fun for little ones.

Really cute bananas and monkey! The kids are going to have such a great time.

great bananas!-who thought I'd ever that that to anyone?:)

those banana bean bags are the cutest -- way to persevere! it's been fun to see how the party is shaping up...i'll look forward to seeing pictures!

Those bananas are great - you really did a wonderful job on them! And I love the painting of the monkey, I don't think I could have gotten anything close to resembling a monkey.

I have some of those birds, and sometimes i get them all out, place them aroung the house, get some pretty music....and after an hour my family is begging me to put the birds away. I love them!

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