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May 23, 2005


Wow! Brynne's party must have been awesome! It really was a monkey extravaganza! I bet the kids had a blast and I love those cupcakes! Give yourself a huge pat on the back Kelly, well done!! :)

hoorah for monkeys!! there is so much good stuff here I don't know where to begin!! thanks for sharing this all!!

What a wonderful, amazing, and well thought out kids party!! Those cupcakes!! Fantastic! And the godie bag looks sensational.

Great theme and thanks for the paper balloon animals tip! We just had a robot theme party for our son's 5th bday recently (I was going to do a bday party post like yours but never got to it) and now must plan a theme for our daughter's 3rd bday party. I love assembling the goody bags too. If you'll need animal figures in the future, check out Playmobil's animals, some you can get individually or in small sets; just ordered cute little unicorns for cake toppers/goody bag favors. But whew, good thing we're only doing parties on odd year bdays!

Wow, those kids got some loot! Menu looks yummy. I love pepitas in a salad. Everything was so well thought out, I hope you had fun!

Wow...that was so thorough! Thanks for all that info, Kelly. It looks like everyone had such fun!! And I hope Mama's recovering from all the work.

Oooh everything is so cute! I love the cupcakes -- Whimsical Bakehouse is one of my all-time favorites. I made the "Tipsy" cake for my friend's little girl on her 2nd birthday. So fun!

great job assembling one massive monkey extravaganza! i agree with myra, you deserve a big hug.

I think I'm going to have to throw my husband a monkey party! Congratulations to Brynne on her birthday and to you for making it so special for her.

Where can you find the adorable monkey bead tubes. I haven't been able to locate any. Thanks

Wow, what a fun looking party! My kids both have birthdays when its still cold but I'm thinking we may have to start having a summer kids party for the girls and their friends so we can share in some of these great outdoor ideas!

KELLY!!! your party was totally amazing! so glad brynne had a blast! nice work on all things monkey! collette was catching a cold, so it was pretty laid back, but there is always next year!! sorry you are feeling so beat, jogging at 530??? i cant understand why...

I am incredibly impressed with those cupcakes. I LOVE THEM!

i love everything you have done...since receiving martha stewart's kids magazine with the monkey theme...i have spent a lot of time planning the "perfect" party for my son's first birthday in july...we actually did make our own invitations with monkey themed colors...brown and creme cardstock and replicated parents' magazine...the invite with the birthday candle...just to let you know...if anyone does plan on doing that...it will cost you 49 cents for postage...the magazine states that it will be only 37 cents...and make sure you hand cancel them yourself...needless to say...i did not and a few did get delivered not as perfectly as when they were dropped off!

where can I get those monkey bead tubes?

where can I get those monkey bead tubes?

I am so impressed by your efforts, and all of the other ideas, that my "soon to be" 3 year old will be having her own MONKEY party.

Hello, I think you did such a wonderful job, I too am having a monkey themed birthday for my son. I would like to know as well where I can purchase the monkey bead tubes. They would be wonderful to have. Thank you for any help at all.

I used the same wooden monkeys to make invitations for my son's party. They were so cute, it was worth the extra postage!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful party! You were much of the inspiration for my own monkey party. We had a blast!


Do you still have your 6 unassembled monkey door hangers?

Where can I find the monkey bead tube?

I am looking for a delicious banana cake recipe with a chocolate buttercream icing. Or maybe even a chocolate/banana cake recipe to go along with the monkey theme, please let me know if you have any ideas.

could you please email me the recipe for the banana ckae and buttercream icing if it's not too difficult to send? I have found plenty of banana cake recipes but I'm not sure which ones will turn out like a ckae and which will turn out like bread!!!!

Where do you find round graham crackers for the monkey cupcakes??

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