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May 19, 2005


That really came out great, Kelly! Bravo! How cute that'll look once it's finished and hanging.

wow! that is incredible! i love the idea of embroidering leaves as time goes on. i really need to learn to sew...

Cuuuute! Great job Kelly!

looks great! congratulations!!

This is just AMAZING Kelly. Really amazing. Such a wonderful treat that Brynne will have forever! Beautiful work!

This is beautiful... I love the stem and blades of grass, so bright and vibrant. It is truly a work of art!

Oh, it's so sweet! I love the mix of patterns and how they blend together. Great job!

Cute! I love the concept that you will keep adding leaves as she grows.

I love it!!!!

what an amazing idea!! I love it!

kelly -- wow, well done! i saw your post when you began the ground portion of the chart awhile back and LOVED the idea. i was curious to see the finished product, but then i couldn't remember whose blog i saw the idea on (that's when i was brand new to this whole blogging thing). i was so excited to see it finished today! what a special gift for your daughter. i'd love to try something like this for my little margot, but don't think i have the skills (or patience) to finish it before she turns 15!

Gorgeous job, Kelly! I love the leaves idea, too - what a wonderful thing for Brynne to have & keep.

I love the grass! The whole thing is fantastic!

What a beautiful piece of art--and growth chart! Incorporating the tape measure into the design is a brilliant idea. I especially like the rays of the sun!

very nice-way to go! love the ladybug.

Wow - that is gorgeous. I love it! The bee and the lady bird are just gorgeous..

Wow, this is so great, fun, funky, I love it, what a treasure.

Wow! Great work. One of my favorite parts are all the beautiful blue fabrics making up the background.

It's gorgeous and I love the idea for new leaves to mark growth! :)

Its lovely. I like the bugs.

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