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April 20, 2005


wacky stuff.

A couple of months ago I caught my husband watching that video online and repeatedly attempting the method on a t-shirt. He was pretty proud of himself.

yup...that's J for you.

i actually have one of those ear cleaners...it's the greatest. can't find it, so i need to buy another one

cream...yup. I was told by someone that darker bit supposedly means that you are "fast". i am not sure if the rumor or the belief is true...in general, it's all funny to me...especially in my case...ha!

Ear cleaning fetish? ;) Pink nipple cream? ;) Very kinky and stuff!

so funny... every check out engrish.com? cracks me up...

I still have nightmares of my mom cleaning my ears with her mimi-kaki. It's something you either love or hate, and you can guess which camp I'm in. *shudder*

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