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April 22, 2005


running to kmart now-thanks! I was coveting the tea towels when I first saw them on buzzville

I just saw that Monkey dish today at HANDMADE.

I love that french bull stuff, but I don't know how I missed that MS picnicware when I was at Kmart. My favorite colors AND covered in leaves!

I love dishware, there are so many wonderful colors and styles - it's hard to stick with just one pattern so I have like five or six ;)

those dishes are great!! sometimes it surprises me how great the stuff can be at Kmart. I love the monkey dishes. I have a monkey fetish as well and those are just perfect!! you can never have enough monkeys!!

I was just at Target this afternoon and they have a new *WONDERFUL* selection of polka dot, striped and floral melamine (mix and match) in several fresh colorways for summer. (Reminded me of some of the French Bull.)
I picked up a some for our sunroom, even though I have yet to find any furniture for it. Oh well, you have to start somewhere!!

ooohhhh. i am off to kmart tomorrow!

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