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April 06, 2005


Those links are great! The Hakkadrops one is my favorite. Hope you don't mind I nabbed it for my links page. :)

Great links! I'm totally lovin' Hakka Drops and Kita Usagi. I wonder if any of these Japanese crafters and artists are aware of how obsessed we non-Japanese are over their stuff?

Great stuff!

great links! those hakkadrops are super cute. so if you can't get your hands on it you have to make it yourself... I bet you could make a cute amigurumi with those crochet skills of yours!

great links! is it normal to be that obsessed with japanese cuteness? count me in!

Me like, Me like! Now I have to go explore--thanks Sherlock!

I love them all! My Amigurumi books are on their way from Amazon.jp "clapping" I cant wait. My blog is new, and Id love to link to you. Haveing trouble with the template. Im such a computer moron!

have you tried googles translation tool, the japanese to english is still in BETA but works OK.

oh my! i NEVER get sick of kawaii!
thanks for all that -i am so going to check all the links out now!

They are adorable. Thank you for the links!

So fuzzy and soft!

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