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April 19, 2005


Holy cow do you have a lot! So jealous! Have you made anything from the felting one (6th on the top row)? After the bird bag, I want to try something from it.

okay-thank you and you are awesome. That search material is really valuable and i didn't know any of it-

so I'm really interested in the quilting mags you mentioned (of course) maybe we can work out a swap where I could borrow some back ones? I'm not sure what I can let you borrow-you have so dang much! I'm gonna check out the mags now at born to quilt-

and the photo album is a great way to organize this-I'm going to do that for my craft books too. I could not figure out a good way to do it in typepad-so thanks all around!

thanks for the magazing link...I had seen an issue and wondered about them.

I can not believe you own all those! Fantastic tips on finding books.

WOW!! you have so many! i am always amazed at how gorgeous the photography is in these books.
once i stop drooling, i think i want about 20 of those!

"hey jealousy, hey jealousy..." was the song running through my head. so now that you have your book album, where is the album of items crafted from said books??? like you need more tasks...

Equilter also sells Quilts Japan and may have some recent back issues. Another source is International Fabrics in Erie, Pa. (www.intfab.com) I don't think they have the magazines featured on their site, but they have a lot in stock and I'm sure an inquiry would yield results. I have collected both Patchwork Tsushin & Quilts Japan for years and second your opinion...they are chock full of ideas and inspiration. More so, I think, than the craft books.
And thanks for the mention, Kelly!

ooohhhh Kelly, you know your stuff! Thanks for all the info. I want the Anano bears!

I have Homemade Felt Bag (ISBN4-277-43024-4) for sale ($10 plus $4 shipping), in case anyone's interested.

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