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April 11, 2005


you can make cakes thak look like bananas or monkeys; the invitation could be a proposition to a jungle party...kids must take something related to jungle theme (monkey ears, a lion tale...something like that)
it´s dificult because they are only 2!

We were going to have a monkey party for my son's third until he insisted on a ho-down. Martha Stewart Kids is a great resource of ideas for decorations and goodie bags. For games, don't expect much from toddlers and preschoolers! How about a bean bag toss where you toss banana-shaped bean bags into a monkey's mouth cut-out? Everyone could get to take a banana bean bag home (just to keep you busy this month).

I love your blog, by the way. I've been lurking around here ever since you mentioned my mom (http://crazyforfiber.blogspot.com/).

For toddler activities, get lots of big bouncy balls for them to play with and then let each kid take one home. For food, bring snacky foods and drinks and have pizzas delivered to the park.

How about a game called "Monkey See, Monkey Do" a variation on "Simon Says"? Trader Joe sells chocolate covered frozen bananas on a stick. How about some bead and pipe cleaner monkeys for favors? ha ha, hmmmm, I might try that next!

How about "Pin the Tail on the Monkey"?

i like all those suggestions, that monkey see monkey do is brilliant, since most two year olds are little monkeys anyway. i was going to suggest a "make a monkey face" bag with precut shapes out of acrylic felt from joanns. i havent had much luck with gluing felt to felt though, so im not quite sure what the little monkeys could use to put their faces togeter. i guess if you had infinite time on your hands, you could sew buttons on the the appropriate spots on the monkey heads and cut slits in the ears, eyes, mouth etc. either way, it sounds like it is going to be a great party! im still struggling to find my theme for collette's first birthday party. luckily i dont feel the pressure of having to have an activity, since it will be mostly friends and family. and that park fee is OUTRAGEOUS! it should be free!! thats why you pay city taxes!

What a great theme! I'm pretty sure that an issue of Donna Hay Kids (a Martha-esque cooking magazine here in Australia) had a section for a jungle-themed party... I'll dig it out and email you if you're interested.

Oh, a monkey party! I'm so jealous. ^_^ Ever since I bought the latest Martha Stewart Kids magazine, I've had monkey cakes on the brain. Good luck with planning and putting everything together! I'm sure it will be great!

I made New Years Cards last year that were the shape of a monkey head and you lifted the mouth open to read the inside details. I can look for a copy of it if you're interested. Food ideas - monkey bread, banana bread, banana cream pie. Favors - barrel of monkeys? Also, go to Oriental Trading Co. and type in monkey, banana, and jungle in their search engine for a bunch of cheap theme related favors, etc. Toddler game - put them in monkey hats or masks and put a bunch of bananas in the grass like an easter egg hunt?

I'm planning a sock monkey party for my daughter's fourth birthday in December (if I don't start now...). Anyhoo, a couple of things I have planned are "make it yourself" banana splits and homemade sock monkeys as favors for the kids (you can get the original sock monkey socks at http://www.sockcompany.com/monkeysocks.html--the socks are inexpensive, and the monkeys pretty easy to make). As for a game, I'm thinking something simple like "Pin the tail on the monkey" ...

Family Fun.com has a pipe cleaner craft for monkeys!

I am doing a monkey theme party for my son's 1st birthday from martha stewart and am having a hard time too HElP!!!! I want to do out of the ordinary things I found a monkey bubble machine ect... more suggestions

I'm also throwing a 1st birthday party for my daughter. Her nickname is monkey and I've found some really cute things at Oriental Trading Co., Inc. Those are good for favors and things....

What issue of Martha Stewart's kids magazine can I find that article on monkey parties??

It's in the Spring 2005 issue of Martha Stewart kids. You can find some of the article info online at marthastewart.com. There is a naviagation menu at the bottom of the home page for kids.

My nephew is having a 1st birthday, and we decided on a monkey theme. I made a flyer type invitation using Curious George graphics. Beyond that -- George is nowhere to be found in the party supply stores at this point in time (I learned a Curious George movie is due to release in 2006, I guess got a jump on the craze). Thank God for Oriental Trading! They have quite a selection of monkey items. The favors will be those First Years Take n Toss snack cups filled w/trail mix, wrapped in yellow striped cellophane and a thank you tag. I printed out Curious George coloring pages, which we'll have on all the tables along w/crayons. I'm going to try to convince my brother-in-law to wear a yellow hat at the party, too! I'm trying to find a good graphic of a monkey from the Barrel of Monkeys and print it out on sticker paper and apply it to a construction paper chain to hang from the EZ corner tent. We're still looking for more activity ideas. I love the pipe cleaner monkey idea, too. Good luck to on your party. Have FUN!

My son's nickname has been Monkey since the day he was born, and we too are having a monkey themed birthday party for his 1st birthday in July.
Our invitations are banana shaped cardstock with felt on top... you peel the felt back to read the invitation. We're doing the monkey cake from that Martha Stewart Kids issue, and everything from food to decorations is yellow and brown. There's some really cute ideas in the comments here too!

Please HELP!!
can anyone please email me the martha stewart monkey cake receipe/pattern? i have been on the MS website but there are no decorating directions and i am a bit out of my depth when it comes to these things. we are haveing our one year old triplets birthday party on Sunday and we thought 3 little monkeys should be quite apt.

HELP! I am looking for the directions on how to make the moneky cake in Martha Stewart Kids. If anyone has the directions please let me know. I am also wondering where to purchase the monkey tube of beads? My son's birthday is coming up and I am trying to finalize plans. Thanks a bunch

I found a WONDERFUL monkey cake on martha stewart.com.. Go to recipes and type in monkey cake. A really nice bowl cake recipe on her site. It is fab! So cute!
My daighter is 7, we are doing a monkey them also, this has been the theme for 3 years now. She has a whole collection of monkeys!
Thanks for all the different ideas!

Yes.. monkey cupcakes are great too. I found a recipe online. I revised mine though :)I used reese's pb cups cut in half for the ears. M&M's for the eyes. A sugar cookie cut in half for the mouth, and a twizzler piece(small string) for the red mouth. They were adorable.. I brought them to her school for snack. All the children loved them, and ate them up. Be careful with the pb cups if any kids are allergic to peanut butter.
Hope it was helpful!

Having the same problem myself. Oldest daughter who is in college has to come up with an sensory activity for preschoolers at her daycare center. Have checked almost every site with the keywords "sensory activity w/monkey theme" and all I get is songs, printable pictures for coloring, and food ideas. She needs something not too expensive and safe for 3-5yr olds that makes them use their senses. Thanks for any help.

etsy.com they have some fun stuff

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