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April 21, 2005


i really like the flower detail on the body of the hat. and nice color choices! such a cutie model... taking after her mother perhaps?

This is a beautiful hat! The colours are great, and what a good idea to make granny squares into a hat!

Cuuuuute!! And the hat is wonderful too! :)
The colors are wonderful and I especially love the granny squares and pompons!

I love the hat! Granny squares are the great. About the pompoms: I've been meaning to try the Clover Pom-Pon Kit (sic; I think it should be pompom, too). It's reviewed at Knitter's Review here


I'm dying to get a peek inside that new book!

Hey--I'm in that swap too! And just finishing up my hats as well....um, yeah, a bit close to the deadline, aren't we? ;)

The hat is wonderful--such beautiful colors!! Yay!

this is so so cute. makes me want a kid to sew and knit for. your daughter is adorable too.

that hat is great! i like to crochet too! lately though i'm stuck on knitting....
i just wanted to tell you i spent at leas an hour going thru your japanese book list and soon i'm off to yesasia to buy some of my own. I LOVE THEM...i've always love japanese cartoons and such and i love the look of their toys...

btw if you ever figure out the trick to pompoms please LMK b/c i can never get them to tie tight enough and i've got a handy dandy plactic helper to make them with. and still i've got little pieces coming out when my children pull on them. LOL
have a happy day

Adorable hat on an adorable girl. The best pom-poms I've made used a lot of yarn. I tie them with filament (like fishing line) or a really strong thread; it is easier to get it really tight than with yarn. Then I give them a good haircut.

i want thak book :)

What a little cutie! Have I got a guy for her---nice little hat too.

what a wonderful hat, love the ears. cutie pie little girl too.

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