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March 16, 2005


I think that if the vintage piece looks like a decent candidate for reuse, go ahead. Especially if the end use will be as a wallhanging and not a heavily used bed quilt.

I love your thrifting finds, lucky you! The butterflies are my favorite :)

sow beautiful! i want one to! :)

i wouldn't worry about it. sure it might fade quicker than the rest or wear out quicker. but it's not like you're going to make an everyday use quilt out of it right. you can use cheap fabric to make a quilt, it just might not last as long as expensive fabric. that's not necessarily the consideration that matters. :)

Great finds! I love both fabrics, the butterflies do look gorgeous. I would totally use them for a quilt. It might not last 50 years but if it lasts for 10 that's 10 great years of enjoying a beautiful quilt.

those sheets are awesome.. great find! and that roadrunner is too cute. I used some vintage fabric in Oscar's roadway quilt. worth the risk I think.

I think recycling is a wonderful idea, and it also gives appreciation to the designs. There are several books out about sewing with vintage linens. I have one, called Sew Vintage. I have seen others on ebay (they're on my "gimme" list). I've made a pillowcase skirt (craftster is a great source for ideas). I say go for it!

Don't be overly concerned about what the quilting books say. The whole point of patchwork quilting was to use up bits and pieces of fabric--and quite often the pieces were re-used from dresses and shirts and other articles of clothing that were too worn out to wear.

My suggestion is to wash any material you're planning on using for a quilt in hot water and dry it on high heat, then hold it up to the light and look for any holes, thin bits or weak spots. If the material can handle a hot-water wash without disintegrating, it ought to be strong enough to make a good quilt.

Haha! We have that green/butterfly print as a curtain in our boys' room right now. My mom made two from a sheet to fit a short, long window in their apartment in the '70s. My husband hates it, but it was the perfect size already for the window, so a good solution until I can make some to match their room.

I am interested in knowing what size, and how many of the green fern sheets you have...how do i order them.....???

I am looking for someone to give several old sets of sheets to. Some are decorative as above. please let me know if you can use them!

I had some beautiful Hanae Mori by Martex bed sheets purchase in the late 1970's. Peach with dark peach ferns and with blue birds on them. I still have a flat sheet and one pillowcase. Don't know why only those are remaining!
Has anyone seen these in their travels??
Thanks sooo much. Have 'Googled' for an hour and can't find anywhere.

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