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March 01, 2005


Great links! I really like Toshiyuki Fukuda. And that decole is too cute!

Oh, wonderful links! I love the word kawaii, it just sounds cute. I too have been trying to figure out what "zakka" means, and I found this somewhere:

In Japan, all the “small, various sundry products used in everyday life” are commonly called “zakka,” a term which encompasses household goods, daily necessities and sundries. However, the specific range of products covered by this term is unclear.

I live in Japan and I *LOVE* that Decole stuff, I always linger in front of the displays here, but I have so far managed to control myself and my need to buy lots of cutesy Japanese things. Is there anything in particular that you really have your eye on? Let me know and I will be on the lookout for you.

like molly! I also live in J. e- me if you want to trade

hey thanks for the mention! ^_^

My mom, who is Japanese, says that "zakka" means "crap you can live without". ^_^ I am zakka obsessed.

go see www.allthingskawaii and you will understand ...it's a bit like CHICHI in french or maybe Zakka means BAZAR??

merci pour la découverte de votre blog , trés interessant et plein d'idées , je reviendrai avec plaisir
see you later

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