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March 24, 2005


ooh! score on the fabric! and good luck on the million and one things list!!
happy easter! hope you get some down time.

The San Fernando Valley! My kind of place as it's my abode--
I too will be on a break but to the East Coast--enjoy the break and Happy Easter!

Oh, that fabric is wonderful...how lucky to have such great fabric close by to you (and dangerous too, I'd think!). Sounds like a "break" is good for lots of people right now--take it and enjoy it! ;)

Happy Easter and yum deviled eggs! Now I have to make some!

thank you for the encouragement on my quilt project! dig your fabric score, and your softies!!! i dont know what to do, tell me how!!!

Major props to you for referencing Valley Girl. ^_^ And "yum!!!" to the green fabrics, especially that neato one second from the right. I'm off to hunt for it now.

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