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March 29, 2005


Very cool. A close friend of mine was in the Peace Corp in the Gambia and she used to bring me back fabric very similar to some of those. I would love to see your photos. Thanks for sharing.

And look where you ended up! Just kidding. Our dog is from Africa (well, okay, SHE isn't, but her breed is. They were found along the Congo, I believe). Great fabrics, and I would love to see some photos of the native dress!

That's really wonderful. I Love that first one.

UAU!! :) i did the same when i was in tunisia...but i didn't have lots of money so i only bought 2 fabrics. :)

kelly that is awesome, i forgot that you were an anthropologist! i would love to see the pics too! do you miss fieldwork? i am in a point in my life where i dont want to do fieldwork, i want to stay home with my kids... but i know that someday i will miss it. i have a friend that is doing mission work in kenya right now, he has some wonderful pictures posted in his gallery. if you care to check it out... http://toby.spacetownusa.com/gallery/

Hi, thanks for your comment.
I would love to see some of those pics too!

Dear mister Fisher,
Living a few month in Tanzania I got impressed by the textiles of the
country. Specially by the khangas, but also by the kitenges. At home I
tryed to find out everything about them, which wasn't easy. Lots of
writings are about West African textiles, not that many about East
African. Going back to East Africa two years later I found out that
there had been some changes in the fabrics. Patterns had changed, also
quality and brands. One kind of kitenge, with GCA (Grand Continent
Africain)logo printed in the fabrics, got my special attention. I
liked the prints and quality was quite resonable. I did find a lot of
this fabrics in Uganda, a few in Kenya and Tanzania. The sellers in
Kenya and Tanzania told me this fabrics were coming from Uganda. Back
home I tryed to find out whether this fabrics are really being printed
in Uganda. Till now I couldn't find anything about them. The name of
the brand gave me the idea that they might be coming from a French
speaking country, but I do not know for sure offcourse. Could you
perhaps help me to find out where they are being manufactured? If you
can't, do you have any idea how or where I can try to?
With kind regards, Nora Oosting.

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