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June 28, 2007


yum - your plate lunches look real ono! i was in waimea on wednesday for a seminar at hawaii prep academy! when are you going to volcano?

oh, don't forget the quaint little shops in hilo town and you need to go to 'big island candies'in hilo for omiyage - for chocolate dipped shortbread cookies and other goodies - go to the counter up front and they'll let you sample some (in addition to the sample they'll give you when you walk in)- the chocolate corn chip crunch taste good - if you like salty and chocolaty. the problem is you should pick up your order before you leave the island because it will melt....on your way to hilo stop off at tex's in honoka'a for breakfast and ono malasadas....

Breathtaking, Kelly. Aren't you lucky to be able to return soon, especially after scouting out the place!

Ditto what Debbie says. You can't leave without omiyage. And the loco moco? It's making me so hungry and homesick. Fortunately, it's easy to make at home. I remember one Halloween Cafe 100 advertised the "Halloweenie Loco Moco": Egg and hot dog on a bed of rice covered with gravy. Hey, if you made it to Cafe you were really close to Two Ladies Kitchen mochi place. OK, I think I might be going to far in my attempt to live vicariously through you. Kohala Mountain Road is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Looks like you are having an awesome time! I love the Hawaiian take on Japanese food!!

I have to say that I was never all that interested in visiting Hawaii, but you have completely changed that for me! It all looks so glorious!

we stayed at the Orchid too! at least it looks like that is where you're staying, unless you're at the Mauna Lani? anyway, thanks for all of the great tips-- we're planning to go back and I definitely want to check out the places you've recommended! especially restaurants-- we didn't really have a good culinary experience on the big island and I know that is because we just kind of blundered around. can't wait to go back with some suggestions under my belt!

What gorgeous photos! I am salivating to go....

Oh how I miss Hawaii. There was a breakfast I loved having there that had oatmeal, half and half and dried fruits in it. I can't remember what it's called, but it probably wasn't the healthiest!

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