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February 02, 2007


I would so love a Scooba. I DO NOT mop (not that I refuse to, it's just not even on my radar). If mopping done, it's done by my husband. Convenient, I know.

New to your blog and your superbuzzy... LOVE, LOVE. I look forward to more.

envious of your robot cleaners,

I have never heard of Scooba! Awesome. I have almost all tile in my house, so this would be fantastic. Congratulation on your busyness;-)

Every time I see one of those tea makers, I think of you, so I'm so glad Jerry got you one and that you love it! I have always wanted a Roomba, and I probably need a Scooba, since I don't really mop. Actually, I don't really clean the house, so I could use a whole houseful of small appliances to help me! One question, though--do the Scooba and Roomba scare Miles? I think Deedle would be really freaked out by those.

Microwave Rec: We remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago and ended up buying a GE Profile microwave/convection oven combo. We LOVE it! You get all of the microwave features you're used to and it's like having a double oven only better because it's more practical. Just perfect when you don't really need to heat up your regular oven to bake something small!
Thanks for rec on the Scooba! I'd love one of those especially now with all of the Colorado snow.

oh i have serious scooba envy over here!

Hi. I've been lurking around your website for probably a year or so now. I found it because I was doing a curious george birthday party for my then 3 year old and looking for monkey ideas and your website was a major gold mine for me! Thanks! I'm also born and raised in Ventura County, spending most of that time in Somis and Camarillo. I miss it like crazy! I married a boy from the east coast and we are currently living in Utah and it's driving me crazy! So, I saw this Green tea cupcake post at cupcake bakeshop and thought of you even though we don't know each other. Thought you would totally think it was cool.


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