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August 21, 2006


Yay, podner! Your post is way more detailed than mine! Thank goodness you agreed to be my partner!

How exciting to see your plans become a reality! Best of luck to you and Mariko...I know you'll make this a big success.
I already said this at Mariko's place, but I have to say it again...I LOVE the name you chose!

CONGRATULATIONS! The site looks fab! I just placed an order! I cannot wait to receive my new goodies!

OMG! How cool. Too bad I am at work and can't order right this minute. You two are awesome!

I know where I'm spending my first paycheck.

You have mademe SO HAPPY!!! I have been longing for just such a shop! Yay! Great niche business for you, and great source for your customers! Congratulations.

i'd heard the rumour! glad to see it come true! congratulations!!!

Yey! I was order number 10! Congratutlations and can't wait to get my first package.

Oh my goodness! Congrats! How wonderful! I'm on my way to check it out now...

Wow! Wow!! So exciting. Congratulations!!!

I just placed an order!! yay. what a fun and exciting venture!! (ps. no problems with the site, and I love the popup preview of the fabrics)

Yay!! I'm so very excited for you two!! I, too, LOVE the way you can view the fabric without going to that page. Perfect. Can't wait to get my first order!!! Best of luck, and CONGRATULATIONS!

I always suspected you were evil, but now you do THIS?! Very hard to resist. But I'm not trying too hard.

congratulations! very exciting!

WOW! I adore the fabrics. You knew just what we needed - how awesome! Best of luck with it!

Congratulations :) and well done with the Cart Customization!

Congratulations! I love the site that you made, and I just know you two are going to be a big success. Remember me when you are rich and famous!

Wow, that is so exciting! Congratulations to both of you! Can't wait to place an order. :)

Hey! Congrats, nice work!

you have put together such a nicely designed site-- really great.

Wow--the site is beautiful. I love how the fabrics pop up when you mouse-over. I have a feeling I might be a frequent customer...



wow, congratulations!!!! the site looks great and i'm so jealous of all the hours you must get to do picking which fabrics to carry!

A little birdy told me about this a while ago, and I am so pleased and excited for both of you to go forward on this little adventure. Congratulations on taking adeep breathe, and diving in!!!!

I've been waiting for a shop like this to pop up, and I'm so glad it's you. Rock it, ladies!

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