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May 23, 2006


okay, so this project is way cool, but even cooler is that I have this tea set! The whole thing, and I love it. And I think I spotted a matching cup over at Posie Gets Cozy today! So Wild!

This is awesome, I am just reeling with thought of people I know who would love these as gifts! Hooray!

brilliant, Kelly - i love it! I often admire vintage tea cups at garage sales but, like you, I don't have much need for them, nor do I have anywhere to display them. But candles! now that's a whole other story! can never have too many of those (and yes, great as gifts too)!

...and how weird is it that amanda has the same tea set?!

That is brilliant, those are so cute! Would make a nice gift project too!

I love these! I had a little booklet of "Homemade Gifts" taht had instructions for making these. They suggested wrapping the wick around a stick and resting it across the cup to keep it from shifting when you pour the wax. :)

Such a simple, do-able idea - and the results are gorgeous!! Now I'm going to be obsessing about vintage tea cups...

I think the teacup candles were in Martha Stewart-- were they a pink transferware pattern, maybe in a Valentine's Day issue? OK, I am starting to scare myself.

what a fab idea! Now i'm going to be buying up vintage teacups big style!!!

Very good looking, and nice smelling, too, maybe? Thanks for a great tip. I have seen something similar before, but they used candle jelly and beeswax is a lot more charming and a little nostalgic.

sweet teacups...
and what a great idea.

sweet teacups...
and what a great idea.

They're very sweet, yours have turned out well. My wax always shrinks and leaves an awful looking concave shape to the candle when I try that, which is a pain in the proverbial because I really like the idea of them.

love it! perfect use of lovely teacups!

how pretty! :)

Adorable! Thank you so much for the tutorial! And those are charming cups, by the way!

What a cute little project. Yours turned out so cute and really these are great gifts. Would've been excellent for Mom's Day!!

I've been meaning to try this project for years. (I've seen it in various magazines and books and even on a TV show or two. Someone mentioned MS, and I'm sure she has done it too.) But I love the idea of going to the thrift store to get a set of utensils. Great idea!!

I am pretty sure that this is in the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Yours are very pretty! It does sound like a great idea.

I love this idea. I have some wax that is just waiting to become a candle. Know I just needs some vintage teacups.

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time! Yours turned out so cute! I ADORE those teacups! I have cup envy! ;) Great job!

very beautiful candles!!

So cute! I've thought about doing this before but thought it was too hard. Great favor idea!

Thanks so much for this tute. I am definitely gonna do some of these!

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