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March 27, 2006


I love thrifting and I love those beautiful books you've found. Oh how I wish I could find something like that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next time.

The books are absolutely wonderful--what a find!

Any good hints under Impudence and Disrespect???
Great books :)

those books are awesome...
i especially love the wording
"family meetings to settle grievances"

I got those thrifting with my pal Michelle..
Lugged them block and blocks back to the car.

I pour over them endlessly.
Mine are a bit older (red covers, no puppet theater)..
but a funny bit about how to make toys with peas and toothpicks.

Congratulations. They are a magnificent find.

what a great find!

oh that little set of books looks GREAT! how handy to have such informtaion on your shelves. my mother was an xray tech growing up and we had a volume of medical books. it used to read them all the time..i think that is what helped me learn phonix...i had to sound out all the big medical terms.

Those are awesome!!!!!

What a wonderful find!

I just got back into thrifting, and I always find something great. Those books are awesome, though. I would love to read the 1960's perspective on parenting.

I have a blank book made from a copy of Things to Make and Do (it was made by Ex Libris Anonymous www.bookjournals.com). The way it is made preserved the end papers and a few pages here and there, as well as the cover. The rest of the book is blank and I keep it by the computer to record anything inspirational while I read blogs. Good to know that the rest of the book is just as cool as the parts that I have!

OMG!! I had those as a child!! What a memory! I wonder where they went to. No doubt my mom boxed them up and got rid of them at some point -- sigh. . .

great finds! would love to know your insider destinations for great thrifting in your neck of the woods...! (not too far from us!)

What a fun find! The only thing I ever find at our thrift stores are men's nasty suits and scary vases! :) I need to shop where you go!

Green with envy here! Great stuff.

Wow! I love books like that.

Lucky girl! What a great find and they look like they're in good condition also....

sort of freaking out here-swearing!!

lucky duck!!!!!!!!!!

what a great find. i love these old children's books. they are usually filled with such gems of parenting wisdom!

Those books were such a fantastic find!! Love them.

gah! what a find! must get out soon to thrift stores...

I had books like that as a kid. They were a whole series about all sorts of subjects and the last couple of books were activities and cooking for kids. I don't think my parents still have them, but ooh if only they did...they don't have much from my childhood. I asked them about the bubble skirt I had in the 80's that I kept (I'm not kidding, I had one).

Oh wow.. it's crazy, sometimes you find great stuff, and sometimes there is less than nothing. I suppose that's the fun in thrifting!

What a great set of books! They remind me of my set of Childcraft books.

I had those books when I was little. Wow seeing those pictures brings back memories. My mom got our set from a garage sale. Sadly they were ruined by water damage. It's so nice to see someone has a copy of them and is appreciating them as much as I did as a kid. Hope you enjoy them.

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