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March 01, 2006


thank you so much! this helped clear up what so many quilters could not explain well. thank you for teaching me how to calculate yardage for bias binding too! very clear instructions, thanks!

I have to try this.
Tip I saw on a sewing show years ago: if you don't have a bias folding tool, in the old days, they pinned a large safety pin to the ironing board.
Pull the strip through it (make the edges meet in the middle as you pull). Iron it as you go.

Ok, I have just spent so much time researching how to make a bias binding. All of the videos and tutorials are either too confusing or too wordy. Your short and to the point tutorial was on point! I did this on plain printer paper with tape and it truly worked! Thank you for making this so simple and easy.

i am using your method for continous bias binding but have hit a snag. i don't know how to fold it into a long tube(thirds?) i have it marked, am ready for step five. help, please!!my e-mail is ebauer@pixius.net.

Thanks for terrific time saver-am making several piped box cushions for upholstery projects. Didn't get the dtawn lines to match up right first time due to my inaccurate measuring so had to cut by eye. Better measuring next time!
If there is confusion about the thirds instuction for some sewers, I thnk it means fold over a third of the fabric length at a time as you fold and pin before sewing to the tube.

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