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March 16, 2006


Oh I LOVE it when people post snarky comments on people's blogs, it's always so funny!

Alas, I didnt manage to get the Mailorder *cry*

I never really understand nasty comments...I love reading your blog. it is one of my first "stops". I still have not finished my mail order project...what a slacker!
can't wait to see some new projects from you. They are always inspirational!!

Good for you for not letting the negative comments bother you and instead, having such a positive outlook on it! The eyelet setter is a great tool. I love it. I recently bought a Making Memories tool kit which came with the eyelet setter as well as hole puncher. Enjoy!

U don't really understand negative comments. I understand expressing a different point of view, but not expressing it in a snarky way. Anyway, The important thing is your finished project! And yay for eyelet setters! I love mine! I haven't had as many chances to use it lately, but I still love it!

I know it's easier said than done - but you just have to ignore spiteful comments. I love your blog! Keep up the goodwork!

Sorry about the bummer comment.
Thanks for mentioning me too :)

Man I love your blog.

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