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January 22, 2006


These are really cute, Kelly! I especially like "Love Me Tender"! Ha!

Those are great! And thank you for the link. I've seen some references to that lately and totally didn't understand it. hahaha

Those are so cute!

So cute! I especially love "Love Me Tender"! That is so clever!!!!

Great job Kelly! I agree, "Love Me Tender" is so clever!

KELLY!!! first gocco prints ever and they are so fantastic! i have to say i love the last one the most. so got the reference right away. please, please, please add your pics to the gocco pool on flickr!

wow, those are so cute! I love all the colors, especially the pink and brown.

Isn't the Gocco fun?! I have one too and have only used it a couple of times so far. It's one of those craft projects where my 4 yr. old needs to either be sleeping or out of the house before I'll break it out! haha. I love it! Your cards are very cute, nice job!


I am wondering if I can get just one instead the four pack. I must give my husband the Red Vines one for Valentines Day. If not please let me know.

And great Goccoing job!


good gocco, those cards are wonderful!

they're great! I particularly like the red vines one. :)

I just ordered a Gocco, and I can't wait to play around with it.

Cute cards...sadly: We don't do Valentine in Denmark!

love me tender really cracks me up!! cute idea!

I love the "Crazy Delicious" card...the video is hilarious, thinking about it right now cracks me up!

very cute, and great for your first experience on the gocco!

Very nice cards .... bee mine is my favorite!

So sweet!

did you know they are discontinuing the gocco as of dec. 2005?! i must begin hoarding!


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