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October 18, 2005


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ah, you were so close!! looks like you had a wonderful time. brynne just gets more beautiful with age.

That looks like so much fun! My teenager is completely out of the loop for things like that, now.

the halloween figures in that one photo make be nutty! I can't get too much them. And how brave brynne is to hang with dracula!

Looks like a great pumpkin festival! That photo of Brynne with dracula is classic.

that looks like so much fun! i wish that there were places around here like that. my kiddos would have a ball.

What about Repetto's?


I love going there, walking thru the pumpkin field and picking the pumpkins off the vine.

awesome pumpkin patch! we went to one last weekend and went a little overboard. im going to download pics today. dracula didnt scare brynne?

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