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September 06, 2005


Hello! That's such a lovely photo... happy anniversary and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Many well wishes from me too + the happiest of anniversaries to you both!! + you both look really cute together! :)

Happy anniversary! And I hope you're feeling better soon. That's a great idea to make and donate quilts, thanks for posting the links. Nice picture too! Jerry looks just like our next door neighbor Scott. He wouldn't happen to have a brother in AZ, would he?

Hope you feel better soon! You two look very cute. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Kelly and Jerry! (...and many more!)
I panicked a bit after reading your post since I just finished a child-sized quilt to donate today. When I revisited the AQS and Quilters Comfort America sites, updated since I posted their links, I see that they are requesting twin to baby sized quilts, asking people to consider making the larger if possible. But I don't think that they were discouraging baby or child sized quilt donations.

what a great photo! it is so hard to know what to write, how to write, with all this pain. a blog is public and i think so much of what we all go through with all this suffering around us is private. I have no idea how to do this-so I'm trying to just trust my gut and do what feels right. thanks for all the links and such! hugs and happy 7th!

Hi I wanted to let you know about

happy 7 years!!! welcome to the club! i think the picture of you and jerry is wonderful. love your glasses. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and the great links. so glad you had some time to enjoy your family!

Happy, Happy Anniversary to you!! So glad you had a lovely weekend full of love--that's just what we all need right now.

Hope everyone in your home is feeling better soon.

happy anniversary to the both of you - am so glad that you did take time to celebrate even if all that is happening in the world. remember, it's love that makes it worthwhile.

congrats!! Way to go!

Belated happy anniversary wishes. Hope you're feeling better. Great photo.

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