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July 24, 2005


Congratulations on your shop, Kelly! They all look gorgeous, of course. Bet they won't last long! :)

Great idea! Those cupcake bags are so cute. I'm sure they will sell well!

congrats on the shop, Kelly! Your cupcakes rock, and that lining fabric is darling!

Hi there,
I just wanted to tell you, I love your work! I've just started sewing, and I've been knitting for about a year. Quilting interests me very much, too. Anyway, I find your work so inspiring.


oh, the sprinkles were a great addition!

love! where did you get that fabric? i swear i saw it on old navy pjs before

yes, congratulations on your shop!! it is so fun to make and sell things! perhaps one of these days i will get to purchasing something from you!

Very cute, but you shoulda asked for more. Wink. That lining fabric is perfect!

Lovely lining for lovely bags !!

I love that fabric!!!! The bag is on my "gimme" list. I think it would be really cool to have a fancy dress-up one, like with sequins and beads for "sprinkles" and made with extra special chenille or furry yarn. Or maybe like a silver for a foil liner. The possibilties are endless.

Also, you know what would be cool? If you made some really elegant versions of the cupcake bag using that thread like those Sak bags are made with. That would be awesome. I just checked Etsy, and you DO have sprinkles! And I love that fluffy yarn! But I want a chocolate one :). These bags are soooo cute. Great job, and good luck with the Etsy sales.

Duh, if I'd just read the post, I'd know you talked about sprinkles. Sorry, having a blonde moment ;). I envision those big giant sequins on there--the kind that attach from the top. That would look fun.

where did you buy your fabric?
It's so nice!

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