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July 19, 2005


Oh my gosh! Lotta's swatch book? I would so love to see that! I too have been coveting that apron book. Does this mean we'll see a pink lemonade from you?

Congrats on your cupcake bags!

I LOVE your cupcake bags and would love one for my daughter. I'll keep posted to see when they're for sale. Specifically I'd like white cake with pink frosting, and "yes" to sprinkles.
Good luck!

Oh I'm drooling over that apron book. My birthday is coming up - maybe I can treat myself?

I think your cupcake bags are cute as you already know! Maybe we could do a swap?

I love the apron book as well. I am so excited about the new japanese craft site. it will be so easy to have it all in one place!
the cupcakes are great!

love those books too! =)

nice score on a "business" trip! i love to multi-task like that. lovely books, if you get a chance, would love to see some shots of the goodies inside. hooray for cupcake purses on ebay! sprinkles are an excellent idea!

love the sprinkle/lining idea!

the sprinkle idea is great...and the fabric lining would be adorable and practical. Great ideas!

A just rewards for sure! Nice books! Ooooohh, must check out etsy now.

The title of the crochet book translates roughly to "If you have a crochet hook..." I think you need to change your Japanese craft book gallery title to Japanese craft book "library" or "mega collection". :)

I don't know how I missed your cupcake purses! They are awesomely adorable. I think sprinkles would be a neat touch too. And congrats on 100 posts, and cheers to 100 more.

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