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June 09, 2005


So glad you posted more about these fab creations of yours (especially the gorgeous back on the snail). They're both just AMAZING!! I'm really in awe of both of these creatures...you rock, Kelly!

girl, these are simply the best! i just swooned on amanda's site about the cushion. i envy your crocheting ability. i can only crochet straight lines :)

oh kelly, i am swooning... that snail is just too much, and those peaches!! what does a girl have to do to get her hands on one of those???

I just found your blog - very very inspiring! Love the peaches - very cute and the fabric is perfect - they look so soft!

I LOVE the pillow! I'm inspired to try it out now... I started the easier stuff in the book but think I could do it... The peaches are so sweet! Do you sell your fruit?

snails with nipples...tee hee. and those peaches are too cute!! I have been wondering about minkee. I have seen it in catalogs but I have not actually touched it yet...

your peaches are just DARLING!!

Glad to see some of your handiwork today---peachy keen!

sweet, sweet peaches! that snail is adorable too. i'd better stop reading blogs all the time and start making some softies!

Nice snail, and the peaches are peachy indeed. Nice embellishments!

hope you have a good weekend

Really beautiful work! I love it.

i love the peaches and the snail. i can't do trade now because i am in over my head with getting ready for my show and filling bird orders (oh, and my full time job), but perhaps in a few months we can do a swap. i love your work.

Kelly, the pillow and the peaches are too fabulous!!! :)

Your crochet work is AMAZING... such inspiration for a newbie crochet-er like me. Thanks for sharing the link to the crochet book...and the peaches are a-dorable. Will definitely have to order some of that fabric!- Love your blog-- amyville loves buzzville!

Your snail pillow is *so* cute, I'm in love! And your little peaches....what can I say but adorable! They look so happy being peaches : ) I have to admit, I never thought about peaches having a butt, but now I'm afraid I'll be blushing the next time I bite into one! ;)

for some reason i read "pin cushion." i was surprised by the size on amanda's blog...i absolutely adore it! and you must post peachbutts. there should be peachbutts on the internet!

I *love* those peaches! Minky is just awesome, isn't it? So soft!

What a great idea to make softies out of minkee!

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