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May 30, 2005


aren't understanding hubbies the best? i too am fortunate to have a hubby that completely understands (and puts up with) my crafting hoardiness/obsessions :)

glad to see you had a loverly weekend. i saw that cupcake place on the net and wish i lived closer. those pumpkin cupcakes sound devine :)

Wow! Sounds like someone had a great Saturday! Lots of props to your husband! :)

Hi! I just found your blog and really like it. We live in L.A. and love to go downtown and to the shops on Sawtelle with our 7 year old. We like Sprinkles too, and also recommend Leda's Bake Shop in the Valley if you ever get over the hill. Also, when Brynne is a little older and can read you might take her to Karaoke Yu-Yu on Sawtelle and Olympic -- you can rent your own little private room and karaoke as a family!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Wow, wow, wow! You must have been giddy all day with the excitement! I know I would have been. So much fun!! And what sports Jerry and Brynne were!

Sounds like a great day! Maybe next time you'd like to head north to SF?

wow, Little Tokyo Downtown and Little Tokyo West Side on the same day! I hope you had yummy Japanese food too to round up all that Japanese goodness! We have fond memories in the Sawtelle area/our old neighborhood :)

I go to Little Tokyo for hunting out unusual papers--one time I found some paper I ran out of and needed to finish an illustration-saved my skin!
so tell me, did you happen to see any Anano bear books in your travels?

I am JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! good for you!!:)

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