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March 30, 2005


ha! kelly i feel like i have so much in common with you! i was an international model too! shampoo comercial in bogota when i was four. only i looked fairly colombian. what i want to know is why isnt the dad in those pictures asking the mom how she managed to have one child with blonde hair and blue eyes??? naughty...

your doll is awesome!! i have only made one softie attempt, and it was so hard, and not nearly as ambitious! way to go!

Your doll is adorable and I love the story of how she came to be :)

oh bravo-! I can't believe you did your frist softie with seperate arms/legs/etc. I probably would have just done a front and a back :)

too cute of you in mexico-you know-I did some kid modeling too-(how many things do we have in common?) it's makes me kind of cringe to see it now-

I love your softie-and Bryne looks like you! do you think softie/doll makers do a lot by hand? seems easier then trying to get it in the machine.

She's so cute. I love how you did the hair and the bikini....too cute.

Wow, I love the background story that leads up to your doll - fabulous! I agree, dolls are so hard to do. After checking out about a dozen books from the library I ended up with the simplest pattern and handstitched the whole thing. (we must have the same model sewing machine). I love your doll, the hair is fantastic, you did a great job.

Great story! Wonderful job on your doll. You totally captured yourself in those photos!

great doll, I love what you did with her hair.

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